Friday, September 9, 2011

Smiling's My Favorite

We were told the hospital beds are made for people up to 6’4” but at 6’2” Drew hardly fits on the bed. When doctors walk in they ask, “Does he play basketball?” It reminds me of this:

Drew is doing better everyday! Yesterday the hospital threw us a curve ball. We found out that Drew’s insurance rejected him for inpatient rehab. This leaves Drew with some options:
#1. Going to a nursing home for 2-4 weeks
#2. Having a nurse and physical therapist come to him each day.
We are moving towards option #2.

The second curveball is that they think he will be well enough to be discharged and start rehab in a few days! Praise the Lord for great start to recovery. We are excited and praying for the logistics now. Thanks for walking alongside us in this adventure.


  1. This is wonderful news that Drew is making such great progress! We are praising the Lord for each step of his recovery. We know that just the right path will be made for his next steps! Praying for you all daily! Donna and Barry

  2. What a HUGE answer to prayer!! (The starting rehab part). Will he be coming home to Naperville for the rehab?

  3. Wow! So awesome that he's ready to start rehab! We'll keep praying for a super fast recovery! Maybe it'll will actually be a blessing for him to be out of the hospital as he does PT. Also, I'm not sure if the Winter Park hospital is part of Florida hospital, but if so, I know some things about their financial aid program, and with Drew's salary, they might write off most/all of his expenses. They paid for my whole surgery. I can talk to you more about that free money, if you're interested. : )
    Much love! God bless to you and Drew!

  4. We are following Drew's progress and standing with you in prayer from our apartment on the shores of the Marmara. Can't send any polish sausages from here but maybe some pide or kabob would do for second best. Thank you so much for the blog, Whitney!
    Love to you both!
    Erick and Elizabeth

  5. I love picture you posted! It is beautiful to see you have a great perspective and trust in God that you are able to still have a sense of humor in the midst of difficulty!! So thankful that Drew is doing better!!!

  6. John, Julie and Whitney,
    We've been following and praying so for Drew and all of you. We are thrilled with Drew's progress and the Lord's guiding hand not only with Drew but with the three of you as well. Praying for peace and strength and continued encouragement for all of you.....can't wait to see you back in Naperville. Miss you so.
    Kathy & Mark Buettner

  7. Drew and Whitney -

    LB and I have been praying daily for you guys. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better Drew! We're following the blog every day! Love you, dude.

    Brad H

  8. Love you, too, Drew. You enormous elf.

    Chris H

  9. Wonderful news! We are so thankful to God for Drew's improvement each day! Hugs to all of you. Jim and Debbie Bedell

  10. This is awesome news. Been thinking and praying for you.

  11. You continue to be in our prayers Drew, as well as your family & wonderful fiance Whitney. Praising God for your improvements & staying with you in prayer for more rapid progress!
    Wendell & Shirley

  12. Hi guys,
    Just wanted you to know I am thinking and praying for you. Thanks for the blog updates, I read them daily and am so glad to see things are headed in the right direction! Take it a day at a time Drew. Sounds like you have an amazing fiance and of course I know your parents are wonderful! Hang in there all of you.

    Naperville Love and Prayers being sent your way.

    Julie Richard

  13. Drew,

    I am here in Paris with the team & we are thinking of you and praying.

    Dan Keller