Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Dance.

All right, It's true.... I am the flakiest blogger ever.

But Drew- He is so good. He takes frequent cat naps. He walks like a cowboy- for stability and coolness reasons. He thinks its funny to push me over and then lay on the guilt when I go to return the favor telling me 'it's not nice to push a cripple'. He plays Just Dance for Wii moving only the arm that has the controller; meanwhile I am sweating- putting everything I've got into each move. Every time he beats me... and I end the night frustrated with the makers of Just Dance. How come someone can win while sitting on the couch moving only one appendage?! Just Dance needs to be renamed Just Move Your Arm Around. It's outrageous.

Funniest moment in the last week was during a trip to get gourmet carrot cake mix at Williams- Sonoma. They happen to have a beer making kit on sale. A lady working overheard Drew say that is was cool; she walked over and said 'we have samples I can get you one'. Drew quickly and awkwardly spat out 'Oh, well I am actually not drinking anymore, I mean right now'. It came out oddly but it was too late, we both knew that the sweet lady was (understandably) convinced that Drew was a recovering alcoholic and began to apologize... over and over again. I started to explain but then decided it was funnier this way and let it go. 

The wedding is still on for March 25th, which is six months from yesterday. Get excited. 

Btw, If you know Drew well you know that he loves FIFA soccer. All of his dreams came true the other day when we spotted the FIFA van in downtown Naperville. All my dreams came true when this little girl smoked him. 

Lots and lots of love,


  1. Hello short hair! It's lookin' good... way to go.

  2. Oh yes I love the short hair, I can't lie :) Miss you.