Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Santa's White Christmas Coffee

Even in perfect health, flavored coffee never went over well with Drew. So, why I thought I could get away with it now, I am not sure. I strolled in this morning with a smile on my face and a cup of coffee in my hand. It took Drew no more than 15 seconds to wake from a ‘deep sleep’ to tell ‘whoever had the horrible smelling coffee’ to get out stat. Whoops! I was pleased to know that the Drew who hates flavored coffee is here to stay.

Drew is doing better today than the day before :) He is well sedated and therefore is not in much pain. The numbness has not shown signs of retreating yet but the doctors are impressed by his vitals and are moving him out of ICU sometime tonight or tomorrow! This is good news because I am trusting that they think the plasmapheresis is helping. It’s also fabulous because other wards don’t have super strict visiting hours.

They have started to discuss what recovery will look like. We know there will be lots of physical therapy. From what I understand we aren’t ‘out of the woods’ until the GBS shows signs of exiting Drew’s body. But, this is hope that he’s moving in the right direction and although I am hesitant, I am going to go ahead and let myself hope that this is the beginning of good news.

Couldn’t do this without yalls sweet prayers.


  1. Glad to hear that Drew had a better day! Thanks for all the updates :)

    Praying for him

  2. Thankful to hear that Drew had a better day. Praising the Lord that he will be transferred out of ICU! You remain in our prayers.

  3. Glad Drew feels less pain... and we will remember to never bring him flavored coffee :)

  4. Thanks for the updates on Drew! I cam tell you are a good woman Whitney! Drew - and all of you - are often in my prayers! Tell Drew I agree with him about that nasty flavored coffee. One day I'll buy him a nice strong cup o joe! Big hugs to John and Julia.

  5. Oh my gosh, that is SOOOO Drew. I love it. God is glorified in how he has uniquely made Drew and we are loving hearing about how he's doing.
    Thank you Whitney. We love you guys.

  6. Whitney it is so wonderful to hear such a positive and faith filled perspective in such a difficult time. we love you guys so much!!!